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2023 News Releases

May 22, 2023
KU scientist receives honorary membership award from international organization

May 4, 2023
Geochemists at the University of Kansas Determine Age of the Dinosaur Utahraptor

March 15, 2023
Survey shows geoscientists from historically excluded groups more likely to experience hostile, discriminatory behavior at work

March 10, 2023
Groundwater levels fall across western and south-central Kansas

January 31, 2023
New program to match STEM undergraduates, faculty mentors to increase diversity, mitigate effects of pandemic

January 23, 2023
KGS associate researcher receives KU research achievement award

January 12, 2023
Kansas Coalition To Take Step Toward Development Of Regional Hydrogen Hub

2022 News Releases

December 13, 2022
Kansas Geological Survey to Measure Groundwater Levels in Western Kansas

December 6, 2022
Geologic Map for Miami County Now Available

November 28, 2022
Kansas Geological Survey emeritus scientist receives Water Legacy Award

November 1, 2022
Kansas Geological Survey map wins award at professional conference

October 26, 2022
Kansas Data Access & Support Center manager receives national 2022 Geospatial Excellence Award

October 11, 2022
Kansas Geological Survey scientist, partners receive National Science Foundation funding to expand program to reduce barriers in STEM occupations

October 10, 2022
Kansas Geological Survey scientists collaborate on project to identify unmarked graves in local cemetery

August 16, 2022
Kansas Geological Survey scientist receives early career award

August 10, 2022
Kansas Geological Survey Honors Outstanding Students

June 23, 2022
Kansas Geological Survey project aims to help agricultural communities prepare for risks of climate change in the Kansas River basin and eastern Great Plains

June 9, 2022
Kansas Geological Survey receives grant to study critical minerals mining potential in region

March 23, 2022
Groundwater levels fall across western and central Kansas

January 19, 2022
Kansas Geological Survey to study social and environmental factors of successful groundwater conservation programs

January 13, 2022
Kansas Geological Survey to study hydrogen storage in underground salt beds

2021 News Releases

December 16, 2021
Kansas Geological Survey to Measure Groundwater Levels in Western Kansas

May 17, 2021
Kansas Geological Survey to study interaction of agriculture, playas in western Kansas

February 22, 2021
Groundwater levels fall in central and western Kansas

2020 News Releases

December 7, 2020
Kansas Geological Survey to Measure Groundwater Levels in Western Kansas

October 12, 2020
New Kansas Geological Survey Online Journal Geared Toward Midcontinent Research

August 25, 2020
Kansas Geological Survey Scientist Receives National Award for Groundwater Research

August 12, 2020
Kansas Geological Survey In Partnership Researching Underground Storage of CO2

July 7, 2020
Geologic Map for Bourbon County Now Available

May 4, 2020
Kansas Geological Survey Receives Funding for Surface and Subsurface Geologic Mapping

April 22, 2020
Kansas Geological Survey gets funding for preservation and to study critical minerals

April 8, 2020
Kansas Geological Survey Investigates CO2 Use in Oil Recovery and Underground Storage

March 19, 2020
Groundwater Levels Near Stable in Western Kansas, Up Slightly in Central Kansas

February 17, 2020
Kansas Geological Survey Sample Repository in Wichita Expanded and Renamed

February 3, 2020
New Edition of Widely Used Reference for Assessing Groundwater Issues Now Available