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Basin: Anadarko
County: Grant and Stanton counties

Big Bow Field

You can explore the Big Bow Field by clicking on the blue topic buttons to the left. Use the Field Site Map to learn what resources are available for the Big Bow Field.
Local Site Map

map of Big Bow field Discovery Well--Big Bow Field
ARCO Oil and Gas, #1 Paul E. Plummer
NE NW, 25-T29S-R39W
01/12/89, Mississippian Oil, 5855 ft. RTD

Discovery Well--Big Bow West Field
Harris Oil and Gas, #1-27 McPherson College 100'E SE NW, 27-T29S-R39W 02/23/93, Mississippian Oil, 5777 ft. RTD

Field Size: 2,880 acres
Productive Wells: 27
Abandoned Wells:none

Cumulative Oil: 4,383,874 bbls as of 7/1/96
Cumulative Gas: 11,171 mcf as of 7/1/96

Annual Field Production Data

Kansas Geological Survey, Digital Petroleum Atlas
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