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The Kansas County Databases of the U.S. Public Land Survey System (PLSS) provide, for each of the 105 counties in Kansas, high quality digital representations of basic Kansas land divisions first established by the PLSS, primarily between the years of 1854 and 1877. They are derived from data contained in PLSS databases of the USGS 24K Digital Line Graph (DLG) series and data from the Kansas Cartographic Database (KCD) developed by the Kansas Geological Survey. All of the data is derived from USGS 7.5 minute quadrangles. The USGS maps conform to national map standards with a claimed accuracy of 40 feet. Only minimal edge matching was performed between DLG databases. Features represented in the county databases include the basic point, line and area features established in the original Public Land Surveys of Kansas. Data includes township lines and section corners in Kansas listed by latitude/longitude in decimal degrees.

Geographic data--Public Land Survey System locations (Landgrid) is available to the public on a provisional basis. The data is distributed free of charge. The PLSS files are available on the DASC web site ( in Arc/Info Interchange (.e00) format. DASC can also convert the PLSS files to a shape (.shp) file format, for a fee, for Geographix users that have the "Discovery" extension/package.

The coordinates use the North American Datum of 1927.

Please be aware that this data set is not updated, and that it may contain differences from the DASC PLSS files which contain recent updates and corrections. If you have further questions, please call the KGS Data Resources Library, (785) 864-2161.

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Disclaimer--The Kansas Geological Survey does not guarantee these data to be free from errors or inaccuracies and disclaims any responsibility or liability for interpretations based on data processing using these data or decisions based thereon.

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