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Kansas Geological Survey, Current Research in Earth Sciences, Bulletin 244, part 2
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Revisions to the Nomenclature for Kansas Aquifers

P. Allen Macfarlane, Kansas Geological Survey

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The nomenclature for Kansas aquifers needs revision. Many of the names currently in use were derived in an ad hoc manner without the benefit of a consistent set of hydrogeologically based guidelines. Because nomenclature forms the basis of scientific discussion of hydrologic issues, names should be clearly defined and consistently applied in order to prevent erroneous or unintended hydrologic interpretations. The nomenclature revisions presented in this paper are based on the guidelines developed by the U.S. Geological Survey's Water Resources Division (Laney and Davidson, 1986). According to these guidelines, aquifer names should be based on lithologic, lithostratigraphic, or geographic names. The following new aquifer names are recognized in Kansas: glacial drift aquifer, Niobrara aquifer, Morrison-Dockum aquifer, Day Creek aquifer, Cedar Hills-upper Salt Plain aquifer, Wellington aquifer, Flint Hills aquifer, Osage Cuestas aquifer system, and Ozark Plateau aquifer system.

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