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Kansas Geological Survey, Current Research in Earth Sciences, Bulletin 235, pp. 41-54

Comparative review and synthesis of ground-water recharge estimates for the Great Bend Prairie aquifer of Kansas

Marios Sophocleous
Kansas Geological Survey


In this report I briefly outline the importance of and difficulties involved in estimating aquifer recharge and compare reported recharge estimates for the Great Bend Prairie aquifer of central Kansas and associated alluvial-valley aquifers of the Pawnee River and Walnut Creek. Results from 20 studies are reported, including ongoing recharge-related projects. These studies were conducted by three different state agencies, a federal agency, a Kansas University department, and a private consulting firm. The recharge estimates are classified into site-specific, countywide, subregional, and regional estimates. Estimates are consistent among all four spatial scales. The average of all estimates is approximately 2 in./yr (50 mm/yr), with an average recharge range of 1.7-2.5 in./yr (43-64 mm/yr).

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The complete article is available as an Acrobat PDF file: sophocleous.pdf (284 kB). You will need the Acrobat PDF Reader, available free from Adobe, to read this report.

Kansas Geological Survey
Placed online Nov. 2012