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Cancún, México is a resort city with excellent international connections, and a large selection of modern hotels in a wide range of prices. The beaches of Cancún are world-famous, as are the archeological sites of the Yucatán peninsula, so there is no end of opportunities for sight-seeing by participants and accompanying guests. Cancún is located on the east coast of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula.

photo of island and palm trees

photo of river and jungle Geologically this area is a flat shelf of limestone and coral composition, which is like a stone sponge: rain is absorbed into the ground and delivered to natural stone-lined sinks and underground rivers. The abundant limestone provided the early Maya with sturdy material to create the mammoth structures that survived hundreds of years. Limestone and coral create eerie shorelines, caves, and waterholes (cenotes-natural wells)

photo of cenotes--natural wells

photo of beach near resort

map of peninsula

ancient temple columns


temple by the sea

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