LAS File Viewer with Wavelet Analysis

The LAS File Viewer Web Applet was created to assist the user in locating and plotting well data and formation tops data by depth. This Applet is an interactive web application that allows the user to search, load, parse geological data from the user's PC or from the Kansas Geological Survey (KGS) database & file server. This web app allows the user to compute a Morlet wavelet analysis on the log data. "The detection of cyclicity in sedimentary strata can be important to the understanding of the factors controlling sediment depositions. The presence of cyclic patterns and changes in their character have important consequences for geological interpretation, changes in wavelength may indicate changes in depositional facies."(1)


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(1) Detection of Cyclic Patterns Using Wavelets: An example Study in the Ormskirk Sandstone, Irish Sea By Nestor A. Rivera, S.Ray, Jerry L. Jensen, Andrew K. Chan, and Walter B. Ayers Mathematical Geology, Vol. 36, No. 5, July 2004

Author: John R. Victorine

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