LAS File Viewer Plot Track Legends

The following symbols are created by using a text mask string array that is parsed and plotted on the profile plot tracks. The Rock Lithology and the Rock Texture symbols are each 5 X 10 pixels. I used a number of references as guides to creating the symbols, the symbols are not exact reproductions of the symbols in the references just a facsimile.

Colorlith Image Tracks "History" of the Colorlith Image Tracks and a general description.
Lithology Symbols1 Standard list of symbols and background colors for rock types.
Rock Texture Symbols2 The Rock Texture uses the Udden-Wentworth grain-size classification scheme for Siliclastic Rocks and the Dunham's Classification Scheme for the carbonate rocks. The Rock Texture composition uses Folks (1980) & R.H. Dott, Jr.(1964).


(1) STANDARD LEGEND 1995, SHELL INTERNATIONAL EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION B.V., THE HAGUE, October 1995, Note: This document was used to standardize the profile plot to "standard" symbols and colors.

(2) Petrology of Sedimentary Rocks, Robert L. Folk, Copyright 1980

Author: John R. Victorine