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Work is partially supported by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) under Grant Number DE-FE0002056.

"Correlation of petroleum reservoirs is a fundamental task in reservoir characterization used to establish the geometry of the reservoir and strata surrounding it and to delimit the distribution of flow units that comprise the reservoir. Correlations are primarily accomplished via construction of cross sections through the reservoir using wireline logs where depth patterns, trends, and surfaces define probable continuity within the reservoir between well locations. The correlations are validated through analyses of fluids recovered, flow tests, and possibly seismic surveys, in the later case if the reservoir is sufficiently thick to be seismically resolvable. Cross sections display the log curves at various scales and, to be effective, should show formation and reservoir tops, correlation surfaces, intervals of tests, perforations for production, and intervals that are considered flow units that are correlatable and connected between wells." GEMINI Project

The Cross Section can require a large amount of data to plot. The Cross Section combines the Profile Plots for multiple wells/locations on one plot. The program presents multiple profile plots drawn by depth to better understand the subsurface or surface geology. The Profile Plots combine digital Log ASCII Standard (LAS) data, observational descriptions of rock outcrops and horizons on one plot. The program also tries to interpret the lithology, texture, fossils, colors, etc. and presents the interpretation as image tracks.

NOTE: In order to plot multiple well/locations the user must either reduce the the number of well/locations that are presented at one time if the data is over a long depth range or to reduce the depth range of each well/location. A memory usage dialog is presented so the user can see how much memory the program is using on their PC.

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