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WinSeis Lite is a compact version of WinSeis Turbo. It is designed specifically for those who need only basic tools in processing shallow seismic data and do not need any advanced and more involved handling of data. In comparison to the Turbo version, it is light in both price and number of processing modules available. It is, however, heavy enough to crunch your seismic data for what you want to see in most circumstances. The following compares the modules available in WinSeis Lite and WinSeis Turbo.

Modules Availability
Turbo Lite
ABEM Teraloc Check Check
BISON (9000, 7000, and Geopro) Check Check
Geometrics (StrataView, 2401, 2420, Geoflex,Seisview, and Easidisk) Check Check
OYO (McSeis 160M/170, DAS) Check Check
I/O DHR-2400 Check Check
SEG-Y (floating point and integer) Check Check
SEG-2 (Bison, Geometrics, OYO) Check Check
Scintrex Check Check
Radar Systems Check Check
SEG-2 to SEG-Y Check Check
WinSeis to SEG-Y Check Check
Display Seismic Wiggle Trace Check Check
Numerical Value Check Check
Header Data Check Check
CDP Sorting Check Check
Velocity Scan Check Check
Normal Move Out Check Check
Stacking Check Check
Filtering Time Domain Check Check
Frequency Domain Check  
Static Elevation Check Check
Automatic (Surface Consistent) Check  
Residual Check  
User Defined Check Check
Editing Delete Bad Trace(s) Manual Check Check
Automatic Check  
Mute First Arrival Check Check
Surgical Check Check
Wavelet Check Check
Advanced FK Filter Check  
FK Migration Check  
Deconvolution Check  
Accessory Amplitude Balancing Check Check
Polarity Reversal Check Check
Cut Seismic Data Check Check
Resampling Check Check
Resorting Check Check

WinSeis Lite Pricing

WinSeis Lite costs $800 per copy plus shipping and handling (see below). If you have Lite and wish to purchase Turbo, the $800 is applied to the purchase price of WinSeis Turbo. We offer no academic, educational, multiple-copy, or re-seller discounts on WinSeis Lite.

WinSeis Turbo and WinSeis Lite both require Windows95 or higher.

Shipping and Handling

Shipping and handling costs will be:
Within the U.S.--Flat rate of $25
Outside the U.S.--Shipping costs + $15

Orders will normally be shipped within five business days from receipt of order. Please provide a street address; Federal Express can not deliver to postal box addresses. Within the U.S. orders will be sent Federal Express Standard Overnight (delivery next day p.m.). Federal Express Priority Overnight (next day by 10:30 a.m.) will be used only if specifically requested and the requesting customer agrees to pay for all extra shipping costs incurred (we can charge shipping to customer's FedEx account).

Orders to addresses outside the U.S. will be sent Federal Express International Priority if we have an address acceptable to Federal Express (no P.O. boxes). Shipping by U.S. Airmail may also be requested, and will be used for all P.O. box addresses.

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Updated June 7, 2012
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