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SurfSeis 4.0 Shipping

On Jan. 15, 2014 the Kansas Geological Survey released SurfSeis 4 for purchase. See How to order SurfSeis for ordering instructions. If you have questions, please contact us.

New to SurfSeis 4

  • Enhanced passive MASW data dispersion-curve imaging in the presence of passive multi-source environment such as road traffic and trains.
  • Inversion using friendly 1-D and 2-D a priori information input
  • HRLRT better (sharper) dispersion-curve imaging and mode separation (and interpretation) (optional in v4.2)
  • Ongoing-inversion 2D Vs monitoring and 2-D imaging of final derivable from a priori information and Vs results (such as Vp or Poisson's ratio)
  • New menus and friendly dialogs complementing existing interface; smoother operation; faster code
  • Improved compatibility with other KGS seismic software (i.e., WinSeis, SeisUtil, seismodeler)

For more information, view the Version 4.0 Flyer (PDF file, 2 MB).