SurfSeis 4.0 Shipping

On Jan. 15, 2014 the Kansas Geological Survey released SurfSeis 4 for purchase. See How to order SurfSeis for ordering instructions. If you have questions, please contact us.

New to SurfSeis 4

  • Enhanced passive MASW data dispersion-curve imaging in the presence of passive multi-source environment such as road traffic and trains.
  • Inversion using friendly 1-D and 2-D a priori information input
  • HRLRT better (sharper) dispersion-curve imaging and mode separation (and interpretation) (optional in v4.2)
  • Ongoing-inversion 2D Vs monitoring and 2-D imaging of final derivable from a priori information and Vs results (such as Vp or Poisson's ratio)
  • New menus and friendly dialogs complementing existing interface; smoother operation; faster code
  • Improved compatibility with other KGS seismic software (i.e., WinSeis, SeisUtil, seismodeler)

For more information, view the Version 4.0 Flyer (PDF file, 361 kB).

About MASW...

MASW is the multichannel analysis of surface waves leading toward the analysis of shear wave velocities. More ...


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