Synthetic Seismic Profile Plot

Work is partially supported by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) under Grant Number DE-FE0002056.

This web application is a well profile presentation of the well data plotted against acoustic travel time in millisec with synthetic seismic plot tracks. In the same manner as Proile this program allows the user to turn plot tracks on or off or reorder the plot tracks. This web application requires sonic log curve data.

The synthetic seismogram is a seismic trace that has been contructed from well log data. It represents the idealize trace that should be observed with the seismic method at the location of the well. The Synthetic Seismic can be compared with the seismic trace actually measured at the well to improve the picking of seismic horizons, and to improve the accuracy and resolution of formations of interest.

The observed seismic trace is primarily a record of the ability of interfaces between formations to reflect elastic waves, which is called the reflection coefficent R. The reflection coefficient depends on the properties of the rock at the interface of the beds and in particular on its acoustic impedance. The acoustic impedance is the product of the seismic velocity and the density of the rock.


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