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(Petrofacies Evaluation of Formations for Engineering Reservoirs)

PfEFFER-java will replace PfEFFER Pro which is a practical tool for the real-time, interactive log analysis. "Spreadsheet" database and graphic features allow both rapid interaction and comparative evaluation of multiple interpretations or best case/worst case extremes. In addition, multiple zones are easily managed. This Applet is an interactive web application that allows the user to search & load data from the user's PC or from the Kansas Geological Survey (KGS) database & file server.

Note: PfEFFER-java has the appearance of an Excel Workbook. This present model does not allow modification of the raw data in the cells of the "Spreadsheet". Although the "Spreadsheet" data can be saved, this web app will rebuild the "Spreadsheet" from the original raw log data and parameters selected by the user. The PfEFFER sessions will be saved as a Log ASCII Standard (LAS) version 3.0 file. PfEFFER Pro will not be able to recover data from this file.


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