Karst Features


Sinkholes and Collapse Features

West Texas Permian Karst

Seismic Example


A sinkhole 250 feet deep and 1,000 feet in diameter is present in the seismic data.

The sinkhole can be imaged with curvature attributes extracted along a time slice through the sinkhole, independent of any horizon interpretation.


Characteristics of Sinkholes on Time Slice Extractions of Various Curvature Attributes

Positive curvature at edge, negative curvature in center

Warping of surface (Gaussian curvature <> 0)

High curvedness at edge

Shape index indicates valley to bowl shape


Surface Example of Sinkhole

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Cedar Valley Formation, Mineola Facies (Devonian) Sandstone-filled sinkholes (light tan rocks) into the Burlington, Pierson, Northview and upper Sedalia Formations (Mississippian)
US50, Morgan County, Missouri


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