Karst Features

Solution Enlarged Natural Fractures - Mississippian Reservoir, Kansas

Seismic Example




Comparison of coherence (left), most negative curvature from gridded, interpretation horizon(middle), and extracted volumetric most negative curvature (right) for the top Mississippian horizon. Note that oriented lineaments, which cannot be seen on the coherence map, are visible on the two curvature maps. Also not that the lineaments are better defined on the volumetric curvature map than on the horizon curvature map. These lineaments are interpreted to relate to solution-enhanced fractures that affect reservoir performance.


Mississippian subsea structure derived from 3-D seismic interpretations. C.I. = 10 ft. The blue shaded overlay indicates areas where the Mississippian is entirely beneath the oil-water contact. Most negative curvature extracted along Mississippian horizon. Interpreted lineaments are shown in red. Inset: Rose diagram showing the sum of lineament length within a given azimuth sector. Two main lineament orientations are seen, NE and NW.




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