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South-central Kansas Geohydrology

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Well Records, continued

Table 37, continued--Records of wells in Harvey, McPherson, Reno, and Sedgwick counties, Kansas (wells are drilled wells unless otherwise indicated under "Remarks").

No. on Pl. 11 Location Owner Depth of well (feet)2 Diameter of well (in.) Principal water-bearing bed Method of lift3 Use of water4 Measuring point Depth to water level below measuring point (feet)6 Date of measurement Remarks (Yield given in gallons a minute; drawdown in feet)
Character of material Geologic subdivision Description Distance above (+) or below (-) land surface (feet) Height above sea level (feet)5
 T. 25 S., R. 2 W.
(566)NE NE sec. 1A. W. Haines19.0McPhersonCy, HDTop of pump base+2.31,381.611.6427-Sep-37Temp. 61°F.Driven well
567NE NW sec. 1City of Wichita51.0Sand and gravelMcPhersonNNTop of pipe+0.81,384.519.1722-May-39Observation well, 500 feet southwest from well 494
568NW NW SW sec. 1J. R. Clark916GravelMcPhersonCy, GNSteel plate on recorder instrument shelf+2.81,390.8415.333-Nov-37Recorder observation well. See log
569NE SE NE sec. 3John McFarland19.4SandMcPhersonCy, HDTop of 1¼ inch tee+1.11,395.3413.9525-Aug-37Driven well
570NE cor sec. 4City of Wichita20.1Sand and gravelMcPhersonNNTop of pipe+1.51,401.7012.4713-Dec-40Temp. 60°F. Driven well
571NW NW NE sec. 5J. H. Baumann25+ McPhersonCy, HDTop of pump base+4.51,410.2312.303-Aug-38Driven well
(572)NE NE sec. 9C. A. Berger61.0GravelMcPhersonNNTop of pipe+5.91,401.5412.9226-Sep-38Temp. 59°F. Observation well. See log
573NE NE sec. 10Sam Stamback408GravelMcPhersonC, GIr   8+27-Aug-37Yield 800; drawdown 8
574NW SW sec. 14R. W. Rine Drilling Co.50.07Sand and gravelMcPhersonNNTop of casing+0.51,384.674.1314-May-43Supplied water for drilling oil well. Reported yield 75; drawdown 11.8
(575)NW cor sec. 16City of Wichita15.0Sand and gravelMcPhersonNNTop of pipe+1.31,398.307.5511-Oct-38Temp. 63°F. See log
576SE SE NE sec. 16Claude Hand11.3 McPhersonCy, HNTop of pump base-1.71,393.616.7429-Sep-37Temp. 62°F. Driven well
(577)SW cor sec. 16City of Wichita21.0Sand and gravelAlluviumNNTop of pipe+1.01,392.264.6018-Sep-38Temp. 60°F. See log
578NW NE NE sec. 18W. Williams19.0 McPhersonNNTop of pipe+2.5 8.9331-Mar-39Driven well
579NE NE SW sec. 23Clarence Stamback378Sand and gravelMcPhersonC, GIr   7.0027-Aug-37Reported yield of two similar wells, 1,000
580NE cor sec. 27Chas. Bazore10.8SandAlluviumCy, HIrTop of pipe+2.41,383.275.8922-Jul-38Driven well
581SE cor sec. 27City of Wichita19.2Sand and gravelAlluviumNNTop of pipe+1.01,377.423.759-Sep-38Temp. 59°F. Driven well
582SW cor sec. 30City of Wichita57.3SandAlluviumNNTop of pipe+2.01,419.926.1215-Sep-38Temp. 58°F. Driven observation well
583SE cor sec. 34J. V. Simon18.0Sand and gravelAlluviumCy, HD, SBottom of cylinder-2.51,377.037.3918-Jul-40Driven well
 T. 25 S., R. 3 W.
584SW SW sec. 2Mary Jones15.3GravelMcPhersonCy, HSTop of pipe+1.61,423.813.1329-Sep-37Driven well
585NE SE NE sec. 3B. E. Churchman14.0Sand and gravelMcPhersonCy, HDTop of valve seat in pump+3.01,425.712.8028-Sep-37Temp. 61°F. Driven well
586SW NE sec. 5A. G. Carlisle346Coarse gravelAlluviumC, GIr     Used to irrigate 80 acres in 1932
587NW cor sec. 9J. C. Jorgensen8.7GravelAlluviumC, GIrTop of vertical pipe-0.41,425.54.9225-Oct-37 
588SW cor sec. 9City of Wichita18.5Fine sandAlluviumNNTop of pipe+1.51,431.011.8013-Sep-38Temp. 59°F. Driven observation well
(589)NE NE sec. 20City of Mt. Hope7412GravelMcPhersonT, EP   28.526-Feb-37Yield 200; drawdown 5. Temp. 58°F. Have another similar well 150 feet east, put down in 1940 or 1941
590SW NW sec. 21Missouri Pacific Rly. Co.5214Coarse gravelMcPhersonC, GR   2828-Oct-37Yield 80; drawdown 3
591NE SE NW sec. 26N. B. Martin4172GravelMcPhersonC, GSTop of cap over 4 inch pipe+0.2 14.8125-Oct-37Yield 350; drawdown 5. Dug well
592SW SW sec. 26N. B. Martin30.4 McPhersonCy, HSTop of pump base+3.01,419.419.198-Aug-38Temp. 60°F. Driven well
593NE NW sec. 33City of Wichita49.3SandMcPhersonNNTop of pipe+1.01,434.126.3615-Sep-38Temp. 58°F. Driven observation well
 T. 25 S., R. 4 W.
(594)NW NE SW sec. 5City of Haven5512GravelMcPhersonC, EP   2828-Oct-37Two identical wells. Aggregate yield 300; drawdown 2. Temp. 58°F.
595SW NE SW sec. 5City of Haven5512GravelMcPhersonC, EP   2828-Oct-37Yield 250; drawdown 10
596SW NE SW sec. 5City of Haven48.310Coarse sandMcPhersonT, EPTop of pumphouse floor+2.01,479.026.809-Aug-38Yield 200; drawdown 11
597SE cor sec. 9D. Meyer39.08Sand and gravelMcPhersonNNTop of casing, west side-0.21,479.333.2416-Jun-44Supplied water for drilling oil well
598NW NW sec. 10City of Wichita35.2Fine sandMcPhersonNNTop of pipe+1.01,469.9425.6714-Sep-38Temp. 58°F. Driven well
599NE NE sec. 13R. D. Romig35.0 McPhersonNNTop of pipe-6.51,442.416.128-Aug-38Driven well
600NE SE SE sec. 24Emma Back47.86SandMcPhersonCy, EDTop of casing, northeast side-7.41,462.436.2519-Jun-44 
601NE NW sec. 33C. S. Koontz37.56ShaleNinnescahCy, WD, STop of board over casing in pit-4.71,555.513.3516-Jun-44 
 T. 26 S., R. 1 E.
602SE SW SW sec. 6Continental Oil Co.25.3SandAlluviumCy, HDTop of pump base+1.81,342.815.3612-Aug-38Temp. 59°F. Driven well
603SE SW SW sec. 17W. F. Perkins24.0GravelAlluviumCy, HSTop of valve seat in pump+2.41,330.8315.109-Oct-37Temp. 61°F. Driven well
604NW NW sec. 19J. Boaz33.0 AlluviumCy, HDTop of pump base+4.41,337.3816.802-Oct-37Temp. 59°F. Driven well
605SE SW SW sec. 19J. E. Pearson15.5Sand and gravelAlluviumNNTop of pipe+2.01,324.98.7014-Nov-38Temp. 59°F. Driven well
606NW cor sec. 21City of Wichita32.2SandAlluviumNNTop of pipe+3.61,333.916.2622-Aug-38Temp. 58°F. Driven observation well
607SE SW SE sec. 27Mrs. E. L. Hart3840 WellingtonCy, WSTop of well platform+1.01,349.011.7412-Oct-37Dug well
(608)NE NW sec. 29Kansas Gas and Electric Co.46.648GravelAlluviumT, EInTop of casing+2.41,309.6019.708-Nov-37Yield 1,000; drawdown 15. Temp. 59°F. Gravel packed. See log, and p. 00
609NW NW sec. 29Kansas Gas and Electric Co.4448GravelAlluviumT, EInTop of casing+1.2 10.4020-Jun-38Yield 1,016; drawdown 9.8. Gravel packed
610SW NE NW sec. 31Harry Stone44.010GravelAlluviumC, GIrTop of casing, north side+0.61,323.5611.7931-Oct-38Reported yield 500
611SW cor sec. 31H. C. Groom16.0Coarse sandAlluviumCy, HDTop of pump cylinder+2.61,319.0410.4016-Aug-38Temp. 62°F. Driven well
612NE NW sec. 33Culver Aircraft Corp.34.86Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EATop of casing0.0 18.2524-Oct-40Yield 50; drawdown 5. Temp. 62°F.
613NE NW sec. 33Culver Aircraft Corp.36.77Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EInTop of casing-5.0 12.8324-Oct-40Yield 75; drawdown 6. Temp. 58°F.
614NE NW sec. 33Culver Aircraft Corp.35.06Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EATop of casing+0.1 19.3524-Oct-40Reported yield 20. Temp. 58°F.
615NE NW sec. 33Culver Aircraft Corp.33.36Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EInTop of collar on casing0.0 18.5024-Oct-40Reported yield 12. Temp. 58°F.
616NE NW sec. 33Culver Aircraft Corp.35.36Sand and gravelAlluviumNNTop of casing0.0 6.3024-Oct-40Disposal well for air conditioning plant
617NE NW sec. 33Culver Aircraft Corp.36.06Sand and gravelAlluviumNNTop of casing+0.6 18.2524-Oct-40Disposal well for air conditioning plant
618SW SW sec. 33S. P. Wallingford (Public Terminal Elevator)32.810Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EInTop of cement pump base+0.6 18.979-Oct-40Yield 50; drawdown 1.5. Temp. 63°F.
619SW cor sec. 33City of Wichita37.3Coarse sandAlluviumNNTop of pipe+1.01,316.7619.9115-Aug-38Temp. 59°F. Driven observation well
620SW SW sec. 33Golden Rule Oil Co.42.324Sand and gravelAlluviumNNTop of casing+0.6 21.4510-Oct-40Temp. 59°F.
621SE SW sec. 33Air Reduction Sales Co.34.318Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EInTop of casing-8.8 11.5010-Oct-40Yield 30; drawdown 2. Temp. 59°F.
 T. 26 S., R. 1 W.
622NE NW sec. 3Robt. Fulston306Coarse gravelAlluviumC, GIr   727-Aug-37Two identical wells. Yield 500 each; drawdown 10
623SE cor sec. 3City of Wichita13.1Sand and gravelAlluviumNNTop of pipe+1.01,348.417.4814-Nov-38Temp. 62°F. Driven well
624SW SW NE sec. 12A. P. Wright23.3Sand and gravelAlluviumNNTop of pipe-1.01,337.49.041-Nov-38Driven well
625SW cor sec. 13City of Wichita32.3SandAlluviumNNTop of pipe+1.61,336.706.8516-Aug-38Temp. 62°F. Driven well
626NW NW sec. 14J. R. Crowley18.8 AlluviumCy, HNTop of pump base+3.61,343.557.9911-Aug-38Driven well
627SE cor sec. 16City of Wichita25.7Coarse sandAlluviumNNTop of pipe+0.61,340.232.6916-Aug-38Temp. 58°F. Driven observation well
628NW NE sec. 19City of Wichita41.0Coarse sandAlluviumNNTop of pipe+3.31,355.006.4117-Aug-38Temp. 59°F. Driven observation well
629NW SW SW sec. 23Dr. Evans37.9 AlluviumCy, HDTop of valve seat in pump+6.51,348.520.6322-Oct-37Driven well
630NW NE NE sec. 25H. P. Zieseuis21.0SandAlluviumCy, HDTop of pump base east side+6.01,331.614.9831-Oct-38Driven well
631SW NW NW sec. 30G. W. Williams32.0GravelMcPhersonCy, HSTop of valve seat in pump+2.81,368.223.2123-Oct-37Temp. 62°F. Driven well
632SE SW SW sec. 31John Faber37.96Sand and gravelMcPhersonCy, WSTop of 4 x 4 under pump, south side+0.61,369.229.8917-Jun-44 
633SW cor sec. 35Harry Oldfather44.1 AlluviumCy, HDValve seat in pitcher pump+5.71,338.9620.3522-Oct-37Temp. 62°F. Driven well
 T. 26 S., R. 2 W.
634NW cor sec. 10City of Wichita37.2Coarse sandMcPhersonNNTop of pipe+1.01,393.1123.2918-Aug-38Temp. 58°F. Driven observation well
635NW SW SW sec. 12Lewis Prey22.3GravelAlluviumCy, HSTop of valve seat in pump+1.51,368.19.1323-Oct-37Temp. 62°F. Driven well
636NW SW sec. 15City of Wichita37.7Coarse sandMcPhersonNNTop of pipe+1.11,380.2817.8018-Aug-38Temp. 56°F. Driven observation well
637SW NW sec. 18City of Wichita49.3SandMcPhersonNNTop of pipe+1.01,402.1724.4419-Aug-38Temp. 58°F. Driven observation well
 T. 26 S., R. 3 W.
638SE SE NE sec. 16M. J. Classen20.336 McPhersonCy, WSTop of platform+1.01,405.9518.518-Aug-38Dug well
639SW SW sec. 10Ben Hermes51.636 McPhersonCy, WD, SSteel plate under wood cover+0.81,451.0144.3026-Oct-37Temp. 59°F. Dug well. Observation well through 1938
640NW NW sec. 15Ben Hermes49.536Sand and gravelMcPhersonNNTop of concrete curb, north side+0.41,463.942.6316-Jun-44Dug well
641NE NW sec. 19Ida B. Sommerhauser46.88 McPhersonCy, WSTop of concrete curb, south side+0.81,523.128.7716-Jun-44Dug 12 feet, deepened by drilling
642SE SE sec. 22J. H. Hein64.524 McPhersonNNTop of platform, north side+1.51,504.460.744-Dec-37Dug, observation well
643SE SE NE sec. 36Chris Dold55.5 McPhersonCy, HDTop of platform, east side+1.01,461.934.1113-Oct-37Temp. 60°F. Dug well
 T. 26 S., R. 4 W.
644SE SE sec. 2D. J. Smith31.38Sand and gravelMcPhersonCy, WDTop of casing, south side+1.31,519.017.0016-Jun-44 
 T. 27 S., R. 1 E.
645NW NW sec. 4Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Co.3810Sand and gravelAlluviumCy, SInTop of platform+3.0 30.409-Oct-40Yield 250; drawdown 4. Temp. 57°F. Four 10-inch wells inside dug well reservoir
646SE NW sec. 4Barnsdall Refining Co.39.718Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EInTop of motor base+1.4 38.759-Oct-40Yield 110; drawdown 20. Temp. 60°F.
647SE NW sec. 4Barnsdall Refining Co.41.024Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EInTop of motor base+1.0 33.689-Oct-40Yield 325; drawdown 20. Temp. 61°F.
648SE NW sec. 4Barnsdall Refining Co.42.018Sand and gravelAlluviumNNTop of motor base+1.8 32.489-Oct-40Temp. 60°F.
649SE NW sec. 4Barnsdall Refining Co.39.718Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EInTop of motor base+1.0 37.669-Oct-40Yield 250; drawdown 20. Temp. 60°F.
650SE NW sec. 4Barnsdall Refining Co.40.324Sand and gravelAlluviumNNTop of motor base+1.0 30.779-Oct-40Temp. 59°F.
651SE NW sec. 4Barnsdall Refining Co.41.624Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EInTop of pump base+1.3 33.769-Oct-40Yield 120; drawdown 20. Temp. 58°F.
652NE SW sec. 4Wichita Union Stockyards Co.25.014Sand and gravelAlluviumT, ENTop of casing-14.0 11.8030-Oct-40Temp. 62°F. Well for emergency use only
653NE NW sec. 4Wichita Union Stockyards Co.25.014Sand and gravelAlluviumT, ENTop of casing-14.0 11.9030-Oct-40Temp. 62°F. Well for emergency use only
654SW SW sec. 4Jacob Dold Packing Co.41.048Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EInTop of casing+0.5 24.6630-Oct-40Temp. 60°F.
655SW SW sec. 4Jacob Dold Packing Co.46.348Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EInTop of 3-inch nipple-20.7 6.4830-Oct-40Temp. 59°F.
656SW SW sec. 4Jacob Dold Packing Co.42.645Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EInTop of casing+1.2 38.0330-Oct-40Estimate yield 150. Temp. 60°F.
657SW SW sec. 4Jacob Dold Packing Co.43.514Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EInTop of casing-23.0 2.2230-Oct-40Temp. 60°F.
658SE SW sec. 4Frank Oestertag27.87Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EInTop of casing+0.8 25.6631-Oct-40Temp. 58°F.
659NE SE sec. 5Albert Yasquez27.8Sand and gravelAlluviumCy, HNTop of pump+2.81,314.6525.9031-Oct-40Driven well
660SW SW sec. 5City of Wichita25.1Sand and gravelAlluviumNNTop of pipe+1.01,311.1015.7711-Nov-38Temp. 60°F. Driven observation well
661SE SW sec. 5E. W. Drawatzky Estate30.42Sand and gravelAlluviumCy, EDTop of cylinder-5.5 11.3726-Nov-40Estimated yield 12. Temp. 60°F. Driven well
662SE SW sec. 5E. W. Drawatzky Estate39.5Sand and gravelAlluviumCy, EDTop of pipe-1.0 15.4926-Nov-40Estimated yield 4. Temp. 60°F. Driven well
663SW SW SE sec. 6City of Wichita25.2Sand and gravelAlluviumNNTop of pipe+1.01,315.7317.1511-Nov-38Temp. 60°F. Driven observation well
664SW SE sec. 6City of Wichita32.2Sand and gravelAlluviumNNTop of pipe+1.01,314.1617.0811-Nov-38Temp. 59°F. Driven observation well
665NE NW sec. 8Wichita Water Co.4324Sand and gravelAlluviumT, EPTop of cement base in pit-2.3 13.727-Jan-41Well 6. Reported yield 1,000; Temp. 58°F. Gravel packed
666NE NW sec. 8Wichita Water Co.4124Sand and gravelAlluviumT, EPTop of cement base in pit-2.9 12.787-Jan-41Well 5. Reported yield 1,000. Temp. 58°F. Gravel packed
667NE NW NW sec. 9F. Dold and Sons Packing Co.43.124Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EInTop of steel plate covering well-22.3 4.5130-Oct-40Yield 200; drawdown 2.5. Temp. 59°F.
668NW NW SW sec. 15Chas. P. Mueller Estate20.518SandAlluviumCy, EInTop of casing-2.0 11.8710-Mar-41Yield 60; drawdown 4. Temp. 56°F.
669NW NW SW sec. 15Chas. P. Mueller Estate18.324SandAlluviumNNTop of casing0.0 13.9210-Mar-41Temp. 58°F.
670SW SE sec. 17Wichita Water Co.3818SandAlluviumT, EPTop of casing-2.9 10.277-Jan-41Well 11. Gravel packed. Temp. 54°F.
(671)SE SW sec. 18Wichita Water Co.4624SandAlluviumT, EPTop of well-house floor0.0 14.957-Jan-41Well 12. Reported yield 1,000. Temp. 54°F. Gravel packed
672SE SW sec. 18Wichita Water Co.5124SandAlluviumT, EPTop of well-house floor-0.2 12.547-Jan-41Well 10. Reported yield 1,700. Temp. 54°F. Gravel packed
673SE SE SW sec. 18Wichita Water Co.5024SandAlluviumT, EPTop of casing-4.5 9.247-Jan-41Well 21. Reported yield 1,390. Temp. 54°F. Gravel packed
674SE SE SW sec. 18Wichita Water Co.47.426GravelAlluviumNNSteel plate on recorder shelf+3.01,301.2819.293-Sep-37Recorder observation well. (Well 2)
675SW SE sec. 18Wichita Water Co.5124SandAlluviumT, EPPump base at channel iron-3.8 7.977-Jan-41Well 17. Reported yield 1,500. Temp. 54°F. Gravel packed
676SW SE sec. 18Wichita Water Co.4024SandAlluviumT, EPTop of casing-5.5 6.317-Jan-41Well 20. Reported yield 1,390. Temp. 54°F. Gravel packed
(677)SW SE sec. 18Wichita Water Co.4828SandAlluviumT, EPTop of casing-6.0 7.487-Jan-41Well 16. Reported yield 1,500. Temp. 54°F. Gravel packed
678SW SE sec. 18Wichita Water Co.4124Sand and gravelAlluviumT, EPTop of casing-2.1 9.747-Jan-41Well 8. Reported yield 750. Temp. 54°F. Gravel packed
679SW SE sec. 18Wichita Water Co.3824Sand and gravelAlluviumT, EPTop of well-house floor-2.9 10.327-Jan-41Well 15. Reported yield 830. Temp. 54°F. Gravel packed
680SE cor sec. 18Wichita Water Co.3724Sand and gravelAlluviumT, EPTop of casing-6.0 6.787-Jan-41Well 19. Reported yield 1,100. Temp. 54°F. Gravel packed
681NE cor sec. 19Wichita Water Co.3724Sand and gravelAlluviumT, EPTop of casing-5.4 7.937-Jan-41Well 18. Reported yield 1,100. Temp. 54°F. Gravel packed
682NW NE sec. 19Wichita Water Co.4324Sand and gravelAlluviumT, EPTop of casing-4.8 9.887-Jan-41Well 9. Reported yield 1,660. Temp. 54°F. Gravel packed
683NW NW SE sec. 19Mrs. Emma Clark27.0SandAlluviumCy, HDTop of pump base, north side+2.01,303.017.743-Nov-38Driven well
684SW SW NE sec. 20Broadview Hotel25.812Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EATop of casing-11.9 7.9427-Feb-41Estimated yield 250. Temp. 70°F.
685SW NE sec. 20First National Bank in Wichita15.312Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EInTop of casing-14.8 6.3527-Nov-40Estimated yield 110; drawdown 6. Temp. 66°F. Gravel packed
686SW NE sec. 20First National Bank in Wichita20.212Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EATop of cement pump base-13.2 7.5827-Nov-40Estimated yield 50. Temp. 66°F. Gravel packed
687NE SE NE sec. 20Kansas Gas and Electric Co.22.316Sand and gravelAlluviumC, ENTop of 16-inch pipe tee-3.7 18.3727-Nov-40Temp. 68°F. Disposal well
688NE SE NE sec. 20Kansas Gas and Electric Co.22.040Sand and gravelAlluviumC, GATop of casing-11.0 10.2727-Nov-40Estimated yield 100; drawdown 7. Temp. 64°F. Gravel packed
689NE SE NE sec. 20Kansas Gas and Electric Co.25.016Sand and gravelAlluviumC, GATop of steel grate in basement floor+0.4 13.5627-Nov-40Estimated yield 100; drawdown 4.5. Temp. 64°F. Gravel packed
690SE SE NE sec. 20Hotel Lassen18.518Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EInTop of casing-11.3 14.1314-Nov-40Estimated yield 53; drawdown 3. Temp. 66°F.
691SE SE NE sec. 20Hotel Lassen21.610Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EATop of basement floor-9.0 13.9014-Nov-40Estimated yield 180; drawdown 4. Temp. 68°F.
692SE SE NE sec. 20Fourth National Bank22.312Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EATop of casing-8.3 13.5914-Nov-40Estimated yield 100; drawdown 4. Temp. 66°F. Gravel packed
693SE SE NE sec. 20Fourth National Bank25.012Sand and gravelAlluviumNNTop of casing   14-Nov-40Disposal well
694NE NE SE sec. 20George Innes Co.19.112Sand and gravelAlluviumT, EATop of basement floor-14.0 7.3427-Feb-41Reported yield 82; drawdown 6. Temp. 68°F.
695NE NE SE sec. 20George Innes Co.19.112Sand and gravelAlluviumT, EATop of basement floor-14.0 7.3027-Feb-41Reported yield 108; drawdown 8. Temp. 68°F.
696NE NE SE sec. 20George Innes Co.19.112Sand and gravelAlluviumT, EATop of basement floor-14.0 7.4027-Feb-41Reported yield 120; drawdown 6. Temp. 68°F.
697NE NE SE sec. 20George Innes Co.19.212Sand and gravelAlluviumT, EATop of basement floor-14.0 7.3927-Feb-41 Reported yield 80; drawdown 6. Temp. 68°F.
698NE SE sec. 20Beacon Building Corp.26.012Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EInTop of casing-9.9 13.3727-Nov-40Estimated yield 125; drawdown 24. Temp. 64°F.
699NE SE sec. 20Allen W. Hinkel Co.20.612Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EATop of basement floor-7.8 13.3114-Nov-40Estimated yield 100; drawdown 12. Temp. 64°F. Gravel packed
700NE SE sec. 20Allen W. Hinkel Co.24.512Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EATop of casing-7.5 15.2814-Nov-40Estimated yield 200; drawdown 2. Temp. 64°F. Gravel packed
701NE SE sec. 20Allen W. Hinkel Co.23.012Sand and gravelAlluviumCy, SInTop of casing   14-Nov-40Estimated yield 75. Temp. 64°F.
702NE SE sec. 20Allen W. Hinkel Co.25.524Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EATop of casing-7.6 14.0414-Nov-40Estimated yield 175; drawdown 2. Temp. 64°F. Gravel packed
703NE SE sec. 20Central Building and Realty Co.23.436Sand and gravelAlluviumC, GInTop of casing-14.2 9.4427-Nov-40Estimated yield 90; drawdown 5. Temp. 65°F. Gravel packed
704NE NW SE sec. 20Southwest Cracker Co.30.210Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EATop of casing-3.7 17.5711-Mar-41Estimated yield 20; drawdown 2.5. Temp. 68°F.
705NE NW SE sec. 20Southwest Cracker Co.21.78Sand and gravelAlluviumNNTop of casing-3.5 14.9511-Mar-41Disposal well
706SW SW NW sec. 21Buck's Department Store19.924Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EATop of casing-8.3 10.9112-Mar-41Estimated yield 150; drawdown 9. Temp. 66°F.
707SW SW NW sec. 21Buck's Department Store20.520Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EATop of casing-8.7 10.4812-Mar-41Estimated yield 150; drawdown 9. Temp. 68°F.
708SW SW NW sec. 21Buck's Department Store13.620Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EATop of casing-14.2 4.9812-Mar-41Estimated yield 25; drawdown 1. Temp. 66°F. Gravel packed
709NE SW NW sec. 21Coleman Stove and Lamp Co.20.745Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EInTop of basement floor-8.0 12.1611-Mar-41Estimated yield 500; drawdown 5. Temp. 64°F. Gravel packed. Have 2 other similar wells
710NW NE SE sec. 21Southwest Laundry and Cleaning Corp.23.648Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EInTop of cement floor+0.7 23.1011-Mar-41Aggregate yield from 4 similar wells 516; drawdown 4
711NE NW SW sec. 21Eaton Hotel25.012Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EATop of basement floor-3.0 18.3012-Mar-41Estimated yield 150; drawdown 1. Temp. 68°F.
712SW SW NW sec. 22City Laundry24.56Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EATop of casing+0.4 15.2612-Mar-41Estimated yield 20; drawdown 2. Temp. 66°F.
713SW SW NW sec. 22City Laundry21.112Sand and gravelAlluviumNNTop of casing+0.4 17.5312-Mar-41 
714NE NW SW sec. 22DeCoursey Creamery Co.27.618Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EInTop of casing+1.0 20.7112-Mar-41Estimated yield 70; drawdown 4. Temp. 58°F. Have a similar well; same yield
 T. 27 S., R. 1 W.
715NW cor sec. 1City of Wichita25.5Coarse sandAlluviumNNTop of pipe+0.71,321.405.4815-Aug-38Temp. 58°F. Driven observation well
716NW NW sec. 3E. E. Sites18.0SandAlluviumNNTop of pipe+1.91,327.44.3017-Jun-44 
717NE NE sec. 5G. H. Kessler35.76GravelMcPhersonCy, EDTop of casing-8.01,350.021.5513-Oct-37Temp. 62°F.
718SW SW sec. 9H. L. Parker46.0Sand and gravelMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of concrete curb+0.51,358.033.0Jul-43Dug well deepened by drilling
719SW SW SE sec. 13W. F. Vany29.5SandAlluviumCy, HDTop of pump base, west side+2.01,311.8420.433-Nov-38Driven well
720NE cor sec. 14W. Weaver31.010Sand and gravelAlluviumCy, GIrTop of casing, south side-5.51,309.87.593-Nov-38 
721SE SW SW sec. 20Mrs. G. Curtis20.6Sand and gravelMcPhersonCy, HDValve on pitcher pump+1.61,317.610.5223-Jul-44 
722SW SE sec. 22Kuntz Estate23.0Sand and gravelAlluviumCy, HDValve on pitcher pump+2.91,313.710.7017-Jun-44 
723NE SE SW sec. 24Sedgwick Co. Hospital51.830Sand and gravelAlluviumC, ED, IrTop of iron well cover0.0 12.6910-Mar-41Reported yield 175. Temp. 58°F.
 T. 27 S., R. 2 W.
724NE NE sec. 8Mathew Schaefer89.66Sand and gravelMcPhersonCy, ED, STop of concrete rim over well, east side+0.11,447.556.7417-Jun-44Dug well deepened by drilling
725NW SE SE sec. 14Joe Jacobs35.5Sand and gravelMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of steel cover rim in concrete platform+0.51,356.928.1017-Jun-44Driven well inside dug well
 T. 27 S., R. 3 W.
726NE NW NW sec. 2J. Seivert48.76GravelMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of platform, south side+1.01,480.933.8813-Oct-37Temp. 57°F. Dug well deepened by drilling
727NE cor sec. 5P. Rausch31.230 McPhersonCy, HDTop of well shelter+3.41,511.028.0713-Oct-37Temp. 60°F. Dug well
1Wells 645-714 in T. 27 S., R. 1 E. (City of Wichita) shown on Plate 5. New Wichita public supply wells shown also on Plate 33. Wells 671-682 of Wichita Water Company shown also on Figure 30
2Measured depths given in feet and tenths of feet, reported depths given in feet
3Pump or lifting device: C, centrifugal; Cy, cylinder; T, turbine; Ws, windlass. Power: E, electric motor; G, gasoline engine; H, hand; N, none; W, wind
4A, air-conditioning; D, domestic; In, industrial; Ir, irrigation; P, public supply; R, railroad; S, stock
5Altitudes given in feet determined by aneroid barometer, altitudes given in feet and in tenths of feet or in tenths and hundredths of feet determined by spirit level or telescopic alidade
6Measured water levels given in feet and in tenths and hundredths of feet, reported water levels given in feet

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