Availability of Seismic Data:

The complete data set for this experiment can be found at the Kansas Geological Survey. This data set includes the stacked and migrated SEGY data, the SEGY field data, observer notes, shot point maps, and survey information. This data can he downloaded via the KGS web site at www.kgs.ku.edu or requested from the Exploration Services Section and the Kansas Geological Survey.


I would like to than Lynn Watney and Tim Carr of the Kansas Geological Survey for aiding me with the geological aspects of this project. I would like to thank Murfin Drilling Company for providing maps, logs, seismic data, personnel time and other information regarding the Minneola complex. I would also like to thank Geophysical Microcomputer Applications for providing the LogM modeling software package used in this study, and Parallel Geophysics for allowing me to use the N'T version of Seismic Processing Workshop (SPW) for display purposes prior to its official release. Funding for this project was provided by Strategic Technology Resources, L.L.C., Murfin Drilling Company, the Kansas Geological Survey, and Idaho State University.

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