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Kansas Geological Survey, Open File Report 97-14

Digital Petroleum Atlas Annual Report 1996

Results and Discussion

Atlas Structure

The prototype digital petroleum atlas is constructed around a set of basic units called "homepages" The homepages are organized into a loose hierarchy from the general overview of the project, increasing in detail though the regional, play and field scales. At the greatest level of detal are individual web pages that provide technology, information and data on a focused topical discussion, a well bore or a single analysis from a well. Each homepage provides a point of access to number of "pages" containing relevant information and technology. Navigation among pages is provided by a set of standardized tools or through search engines. The navigation tools permit the user to move through the DPA in a more or less linear path, similar to a traditional book, or to skip rapidly among related subjects and scales. The Digital Petroleum Atlas leverages the power of electronic publication through numerous cross-links, the "web-like" non-linear structure and search engines. The client has the power to tailor access and the final products to fit user-defined requirements and needs.

Digital Petroleum Atlas HomePage

The Digital Petroleum Atlas HomePage provides an overview and one of many points entrance to the DPA project ( The DPA HomePage provides links to overall project information, quarterly progress reports and topical reports (Figure 3). As part of a methodology section, an interactive schematic map of the entire DPA project is provided ( The site map provides a graphical overview of the DPA structure and progress. The DPA site map is also an interactive graphical user interface (GUI) that can be used to directly navigate to specific areas of the DPA (Figure 4). A status chart of DPA progress, also included under the methodology section, provides a more more detailed look at progress of each atlas component down to the field level (Figure 5, ( statusChart.html).

The DPA HomePage also provides active links to DPA information at the Bartlesville Project Office of the US Department of Energy (e.g., Project Fact Sheets) and to the Department of Energy homepage. The DPA project contains petroleum information at three geographically defined levels -- national, Northern Midcontinent region and Kansas. Each level is a homepage that provides access to discussion of plays, basins and geological provinces and to information and technology focused on individual fields, reservoirs and wells. Regional geologic and petroleum prespectives were developed that span and link the three geographically defined levels. As part of the prototype, work on individual fields, reservoirs and wells was restricted to Kansas. However, the structure and methodologies are designed to be appropriate for focused petroleum studies throught the US. All discussion topics and levels are cross-linked and searchable across geographic boundaries providing the user unrestricted access across all DPA components.

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Kansas Geological Survey, Open-File Report 97-14
Placed online February 1997
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