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Kansas Geological Survey, Open File Report 97-14

Digital Petroleum Atlas Annual Report 1996


Project members and contributors to this report include: Dana Adkins-Heljeson, Saibal Bhattacharya, Tim Carr, Lee C Gerhard, Paul Gerlach, Willard Guy, Joseph Kruger, Ken Stalder, W. Lynn Watney and Wyatt Weeks. (PDF format, requires Adobe Acrobat reader)

Cooperative Agreement No.: DE-FG22-95BC14817
Contractor Name and Address: The University of Kansas Center for Research Inc.
Date of Report: February 10, 1997
Award Date: August 24, 1995
Government Award for Current Fiscal Year: $ 250,000
Principal Investigators:

Project Manager: Chandra Nautiyal, Bartlesville Project Office
Reporting Period: August 24, 1995 -- November 23,1996


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Kansas Geological Survey, Open-File Report 97-14
Placed online February 1997
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