Field Development and Renewed Reservoir Characterization for CO2 Flooding of the Hall-Gurney Field, Central Kansas

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2001-38

Whereas Lansing-Kansas City reservoirs produce from 50 counties statewide, a significant portion of the total production has come from the 10 counties coinciding with the CKU. Within these counties, the Lansing-Kansas City has produced over 613 MMBO, representing about 26% of the total production from this region. Reservoirs in the L-KC account for nearly 20% of cumulative oil production for the state and presently represent 16% of current production.

Lansing-Kansas City Total Oil Production by County (MMBO)


Percent of Total Oil Production

Lansing-Kansas City reservoirs produce by solution gas and partial water drive. In many fields because of low dissolved gas content, primary recovery by solution gas drive is often modest with recovery efficiencies of less than 25%. Many of the fields on the CKU, including the Hall-Gurney Field, were excellent waterfloods, however, a significant amount of residual oil remains. This residual oil in the L-KC is considered a potential target for CO2 miscible flooding.

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Last updated December 2001