Depositional Environments of Lower Pennsylvanian Reservoir Sandstones, Southwestern Kansas

Kansas Geological Survey

Open File 2004-18




Recognition of 12 lithofacies-petrofacies and 5 depositional environments: fluvial, marginal marine, marine shoreface, offshore shale, and subtidal carbonate.

Morrow Formation in Kansas consists of 5 sedimentary depositional sequences. Depositional trends are NW-SE.


Sediments from Sequence 1 infill incised Mississippian carbonates. From Sequence 2 to 5 deposition is more broadly distributed as incisement decreases.


Inherited Mississippian structure strongly influenced the limits of Morrow Incisement and sequences (e.g. Sequence 1-3), and location of carbonate accumulation in Sequence 4.


Morrow depositional sequences (1-5) migrate eastward onlapping Mississippian carbonates of the Central Kansas Uplift.


The provenance of Morrow sediments is north and east, with a persistent source from the southwest.




I am grateful to the The Kansas Geological Survey for providing funds for this research as part of my doctoral dissertation. I would like to thank the Geoplus Corporation for software support; special thanks to Dr. Tim Carr for his great contribution to this study, and to Dr. Diane Kamola, Dr. Anthony Walton, Dr. Lynn Watney, Dr. Evan Franseen and Alan Byrnes for their insight and input.

Last Modified December 2004