Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2003-31

Incremental recovery schemes

Important observations, about Wellington West field, to be noted are:

  1. The field has a very active bottom water drive
  2. The average reservoir permeability is low (<10 md)

Different reservoir management schemes were simulated to predict the incremental reserves that could be recovered from Wellington West field. Reservoir production scenarios that were simulated include:

A) What will be additional recovery from Waugh #2, #4, &, #5 if these were to produce without intervention?

B) How much additional oil will be recovered if an infill well is drilled in the residual reserve pocket between Waugh #2 and Waugh #7?

C) Is there any need to consider the option of converting Waugh #7, a water disposal well, into a water injection well to displace the residual oil pocket to its north-east into producing wells such as Waugh #2, #4, and #5?

Residual Reserve Maps

Performance without intervention

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