Statistically-based Lithofacies Predictions for 3-D Reservoir Modeling:An Example from the Panoma (Council Grove) Field,Hugoton Embayment,Southwest Kansas

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2003-30

Setting and History

The Panoma Field (2.9 TCF gas) produces from Permian Council Grove Group marine carbonates and nonmarine silicilastics in the Hugoton embayment of the Anadarko Basin. It and the Hugoton Field, which has produced from the Chase Group since 1928, the top of which is 300 feet shallower have combined to produce 27 TCF gas, making it the largest gas producing area in North America. Both fields are stratigraphic traps with their updip west and northwest limits nearly coincident. Maximum recoveries in the Panoma are attained west of center of the field. Deeper production includes oil and gas from Pennsylvanian Lansing-Kansas City, Marmaton, and Morrow and the Mississippian.


Initial Prod 1968
2002 Prod 67 BCF
Cum. Prod 2.88 TCF gas
Well count 2600
Per well avg. 1.1 BCF to date
Area 1.7 million acres
(1 well per sect)
Top of pay 2500-3200 feet
(+800 to 100)
Current SIP ~60#
OriginaSIPl ~480#

Kansas Annual Gas Production

Panoma Field Gas Production


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