Southeast Kansas Coal Geology Field Trips

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2002-27

Mineral Coal in the Panther Creek Mine with face and butt cleats. Mineral Coal is approximately 45 inches thick in this location. Next picture is a close-up of same coal.

View of looking northeast at coal pit of the Panther Creek Mine. Image shows the fine-grained sandstone ridges overlying the laminated siltstone. Ridges are in turn overlain by shale and coals in the lows. Rooting was noted below coals.

View of north wall of coal pit at Panther Creek Mine showing laminated siltstone up to Dave Newell’s shoulder and sandstone continuing above his head. Sandstone appears to have a ridge and swale structure. The sandstone is overlain by black to gray shale grading up into siltstone.


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