(Geo-Engineering Modeling through INternet Informatics)

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2002-10


Additional Engineering modules

Material Balance (2)

Integration of Reservoir Scales

GEMINI analyses are closely tied to pore types with rock analyses and relationships readily available to the user. The user can revisit and modify the petrophysicas as new logs and rock data become available. Additional information such as well test and lease production provide additional scales of observation that assist in determining reservoir continuity and conformance. A goal is that once this integrated analysis is completed, that the derived reservoir parameters and grids will significantly constrain reservoir simulation and provide results that are more predictive and geologically realistic.

Integration of Geo-Engineering Java Applets

  • Well Level Analysis
    • User/Project Interface
    • Well Profile
    • PfEFFER - log analysis
    • Digital Rock Catalog
    • DST
    • Production - chart & map
    • Synthetic Seismogram = time and SEG-y
    • Fluid composition
    • PVT
    • KHAN - Kansas Hydrocarbon Association Navigator (pay assistant)
  • Field Level Analysis
    • Correlative Modeling
      • Cross Section tools
      • Mapping
    • Volumetrics
    • Material Balance
  • Integrate modules
  • Parameterization & Export for fluid flow simulation modeling and other applications/presentation

Parameterization for Simulation

Organizing information suited for input into reservoir simulation

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