Integrating Plug to Well-Scale Petrophysics with Detailed Sedimentology to Quantify Fracture, Vug, and Matrix Properties in Carbonate Reservoirs

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 99-47

Permeability Modeling

To intetegrate Plug-Whole Core-Log-DST measures of permeability it is necessary to develop an upscaling model that is conceptually consistent with the nature of each measurement and the assumptions inherent in each. This requires revisiting basic assumptions.

DST Assumptions

Standard calculations of permeability from DST data assume:

DST Flow

Porosity Distribution

Porosity is normally distributed. Because porosity is a static, scalar property, an arithmetic average provides an accurate, scale-independent, measure of porosity, assuming that the range of lithofacies were sampled appropriately

Permeability Distribution

Permeability is log-normally distributed. Permeability is a vector and in heterogeneous media, permeability is scale-dependent. An arithmetic average of logk provides an accurate, scale-dependent measure of permeability, assuming that the range of lithofacies were sampled appropriately. As a vector, the data also have orientation. An average of the logk values provides a statistic of the values for the scale at which the values were measured which does not necessarily represent other scales. Application of this average to larger scales assumes a specific permeability architecture.

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