Integrating Plug to Well-Scale Petrophysics with Detailed Sedimentology to Quantify Fracture, Vug, and Matrix Properties in Carbonate Reservoirs

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 99-47


Wackestone (Non-reservoir): Typically massive to horizontally laminated with burrow mottling also common. Matrix is composed of euhedral dolomite (< 0.05 mm) with little or no porosity. Replacement of evaporite nodules with chert is observed in some intervals. This facies is interpreted as being deposited in shallow-water, low energy restricted environments or in deeper water away from the Central Kansas Uplift. Karst porosity up to 8% is locally present near the unconformity but is often isolated or separated by low permeability matrix.

Interlaminated mudstone and wackestone

#23 Batman 2375.0"

Peloidal wackestone / packstone with clotted fabric, #2 Matoush, 3345’, plane polarized light.

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Last updated November 2002