Integrating Plug to Well-Scale Petrophysics with Detailed Sedimentology to Quantify Fracture, Vug, and Matrix Properties in Carbonate Reservoirs

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 99-47


Clotted Algal Boundstone (Non-reservoir): muddy, peloid-rich mottled (thrombolitic) to wavy laminated clotted algal lithology. Other clotted forms Renalcis?) are also present. Thrombolite-leopard rock texture is typically muddy with some grains. Matrix is tightly bound anhedral, euhedral, and polyhedral dolomite (< 0.5 mm) with peloidal cement. Commonly contains sheet-like vuggy and fenestral porosity and poor intercrystalline porosity. Most thrombolitic boundstones were probably deposited in subtidal environments; fenestral porosity indicates at least local subaerial exposure. Fenestral porosity is typically separated by matrix resulting in poor

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