Oct. 26, 2007, Loading Towers

Images also available as a MS PowerPoint file, (10 MB)

Single boom crane hoisting bag of activted carbon above tank; black funnel is positioned above hole in top of tank.

Two men helping to postition bag of carbon above funnel, release contents of bag into tank.

Flatbed truck containing several bags of carbon; each bag weighs 1,100 pounds.

Closeup in palm of hand of the activated carbon granules; shiny black, pieces are rectangular and platy, not rounded at all; pea size or smaller.

Two men on platform attached to tanks are tamping down carbon with a pole.

Loading of carbon in one tank is done; worker screwing on the plug to top of tank; plug is cylindrical, threded at bottom, spherical on top.

Large wrench being used to tighten plug; system alternates between being under pressure and under vacuum during processing.

Towers being hosed off after loading is finished.