Oct. 17, 2007, Plant Construction Update

Images also available as a MS PowerPoint file, (13 MB)

Overview of plant site; brown prairie grasses in foreground; single tree in background; tanks and processing equipment placed near oil pumpjack and tank.

Low-BTU gas has water removed and then enters a rate/pressure meter; de-hydrator is vertical white metal cylinder, about 6 feet tall.

Low-BTU gas next enters two large tanks, about 13 feet tall, 6 feet in diameter, where nitrogen is vented off.

Front side of the adsorption/desorption towers; filled with activated carbon that absorbs methane.

After process finished, towers changed to a vaccuum and methane is released from carbon; upgraded gas can enter pipeline.

Upgraded gas is scrubbed and sent to compressor; compressor can be run off engine fueld by low-BTU gas.

Upgraded gas is stored in large white surge tank (about 30 feet long, 6 feet in diameter); gas is metered as it enters sales pipeline.

Adsorption/desorption towers have a vent where nitrogent is released and a vent to flare off methane if circumstances warrant.

Adsorption/desorption towers have two large access ports at base for removing the spent carbon.  New carbon added at top with a hopper that attaches to a nipple.