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Small County Exercise, Advanced Version

This page contains links to the advanced version of the Small County exercise, in which students interpret drilling and geophysical logs from a number of wells. The interpretation includes picking a sequence of formation tops, identifying lithologies (rock types), and identifying zones that look promising for oil production.

Students, please take the pre-test before you download and run the exercise. After you have spent some time working with the exercise, please come back and take post-test and also give us some feedback.

The application is packaged in a zip file that is about 40 MB. It may take a little while to download.

To run the application, you need to have a fairly recent version of Java installed on your machine. You can get the latest version from java.com.

Download the version of the application that is appropriate for your platform, unpack the zip file to a folder on your hard drive, open that folder, and double-click the "SmallCounty" icon. The application includes help files (select Help Contents from the Help menu), including help on running the application.


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