KGS High Plains Aquifer Section-Level Data
and LoiczView Clustering Tool

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The KGS High Plains Aquifer Section-Level Database contains datasets derived and updated from the map products of the Atlas of the Kansas High Plains Aquifer, and related environmental information obtained from the Kansas Data Access and Support Center. Guidelines for the use of the online database are provided in KGS OFR 2003-38: Dynamic Online Access to the High Plains Aquifer Section-Level Database.

TEMPORARY USE OF LOICZVIEW CLUSTERING TOOL: The database output is linked to the LoiczView geospatial clustering package for test and demonstration purposes. Usernames and passwords are still required for use of LoiczView, although not for the database. You may log in to LoiczView using "guest" as both username and password to review and test the system. If you need a password for more extended use, please contact us by email.


1. The gridded data points in this database are assigned to the centers of legal sections within the general region of the High Plains aquifer in Kansas. Estimates are based on sampling a surface calculated from a smaller number of measured locations. They are approximations intended to be interpreted at a larger scale, and are not appropriate for use in local, detailed, or highly quantitative analyses. The information does not have official or regulatory status, and should not be used in place of maps or information that have been subject to technical review and/or official adoption.

2. CAUTION: This database provides as a service data assembled from a wide variety of sources, and further modified to adapt them to their intended use -- for example, by interpolation, extrapolation, classification, etc. Reasonable care will be used to avoid and correct errors, but the University of Kansas and the sponsoring agencies cannot guarantee accuracy or accept responsibility for errors. It is the responsibility of the user to determine whether the data are appropriate for their intended application. To report errors or problems, or to suggest datasets appropriate for addition, email.

3. Variables with column names ending with '_g3' and '_g4' were derived using slightly different methods than the majority of the variables. The '_g3' variables are described in KGS OFR 2001-45 and KGS OFR 2002-26. Contact the Data Manager for details on the '_g4' variables.

Access the Database