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NOTICE: This version of LoiczView Helper does not contain information on some of the most recently added features of LoiczView. While these new features will be covered in a soon-to-be-updated version of the Helper, all of the information currently available is still valid and applicable to the current version of LoiczView.

Items not included in this tutorial (described as they appear in the present active LV):

1. The "Overlay" and "Dual" features on the present Visualization page -- these features permit selection of a different clustered data set or an individual variable from within LoiczView to compare with a specific cluster, using a 'split-the-dots' overlay.

2. The "View Summary'' option at the bottom of the cluster visualization page (below the cluster legend -- it may be necessary to scroll down to see this) -- this produces a single image that combines the cluster image (on a white rather than black background) and the cluster summary statistics table. The most convenient way to save this is to copy and past into Word or some other propgram that accepts image import.

3. The independent data upload feature -- instuctions appear on clicking the "Upload Data" button on the Data page. This feature permits you to upload and cluster data sets that can be formatted simply in a spreadsheet. These can be either completely independent georeferenced data sets, data sets downloaded from the database and modified by calculation, filtering, etc., or some combination. For a copy of the dataset preparation and format instructions page, click here -- printing a copy may be advisable to avoid moving between access-controlled applications.

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