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Products -- Typology
Data and Tools for Typologic Upscaling

This page provides access to the as-published (pdf file) report section, the browser-viewable section of the "read-through" report, and to a number of background and supporting information files from the website.

PDF file, Section 2: Typology Approach and Products (complete)
PDF file, Appendix IV: LOICZ Typology Database

View HTML file, Section 2.1: Typology Database
View HTML file, Appendix IV: LOICZ Typology Database

Supporting information links:


Typology -- low budget remote sensing. LOICZ Newsletter article with simple description of conceptual approach. (pdf file)

Using the data and database website

Introduction to typology database -- purpose and general organization
Geographic conventions and database grid cell structure
Database variables -- types of parameters and presentation of values.
River basin variables -- a special class of data linking inland to coast
Data modification -- a guide to the tools and reasons for editing datasets on-line or off-line.
Variable correlations and budget metadata discussion -- pairwise correlations of typology variables.

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