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LOICZ Reports and Studies Series Publication no. 22

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This CD-ROM report contains, and supplements with additional electronic information resources, the LOICZ R&S 22 report that presents the results of the three Regional Synthesis Workshops held in 2001.

The "Title, Authors, Contents" link connects to a contents page that provides access to the three components of this CD:

  1. A printable (pdf) version of the actual published report;
  2. A browser-viewable (html) version of the report for browsing or reading from the CD (contains a limited number of internal and resource links); and,
  3. Augmented sections of the report, accessible from the menu links on the left margin of this and other pages, that contain or provide access to the electronic products of the workshops and additional supporting and background information from the project web pages.

We recommend that readers use the html report to familiarize themselves with general content and organization, and then explore the augmented sections of interest (menu at left) for more information and detail. For descriptions of the file formats, notation conventions, organization, and recommendations for use of this electronic version of the report, use the "About this report and CD" link