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About the CD-ROM report --
Contents, organization, file formats, how to use

Browsers: everything on this CD should be viewable in Netscape Navigator 4 and above or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 and above. Nearly all of the content should be viewable with version 3 browsers, but some appearances may be degraded.

File formats and links: In addition to the html (.htm) browser-viewable files, many files on this CD can be viewed or downloaded in other formats. These are indicated by the file extension for that format: (htm) for html, (rtf) for Rich Text Format (which should preserve formatting in most word-processing applications), (xls) for Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format, (ppt) for a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation, (csv) for a comma-separated variable text file, and (pdf) for Portable Document File. Links without a file extension label are to html files. Links followed by the "exit" sign () are to internet URLs; these should connect if the CD is used in a computer with a live internet connection, but otherwise will be inoperative.

Organization: The CD version of the report is organized in the same basic fashion as the printed version, but there are three ways in which it can be used and viewed. The page reached by the Title, Authors, Content link provides cross-referencing and access to all three forms.

HTML report: A browser-viewable version of the report is provided for convenient reading and reference. This version contains some links to information resources on the CD or elsewhere, but

Augmented report sections: The menu links (at left) connect to individual index pages for certain report sections. These provide links to a wide range of related electronic resources, both background information and workshop products, that could not be included in the printed report.

Printed (PDF) report: the full R&S 22 document is contained on this CD-ROM as pdf files (Adobe Acrobat Reader required; ); sections may be viewed or printed out from the PDF Report index page.