U.S. National Science Foundation Project OCE 00-03970

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GIS, database design and web interfacing by Jeremey Bartley and Grimay Misgna

GIS database development and web interfacing by Casey McLaughlin

Database administrative support: Kurt Look

1.     Log in to the Database

User note 1: Kansas Geological Survey uses multiple database servers to minimize downtime due to maintenance or equipment failure. The URL of the
login page is subject to change, so we recommend bookmarking this page, which will always be linked to the current login page.

User note 2: Passwords are no longer required for database login and use (they are still required for use of Web-LOICZView). A user-specified single-use name is required to permit us to resolve problems or track usage patterns.

2. About the Database


Geographic Grid Cells A description of the cell structure
An image-based simulation (Walkthrough) of the database
(This version was created before addition of the filters and other output processing functions, but still provides a useful tutorial on the selection of geographic regions and variables)

3.    About the Data

Variable characteristics (types, features)
River basin variables (a different class of data -- with cautions)
Browse variable list and metadata tables without logging in
Variable Correlations

4.    Data Base Tools

Data filtering and modification (selecting, editing, adding data)Data Library This page provides links to various datasets. Most are intended to be suitable for upload into Web-LOICZView or for use as a data extraction template with the Hexacoral Database. However, ArcView GIS files may also be provided here if appropriate.

Location Cart The Location Selector tool permits you to accumulate a collection of geographic points or areas. It works with the Hexacoral/LOICZ 0.5 Environmental Database. All points, locations or ranges entered will be returned as the collection of all 0.5 grid cells containing those location. The Location Cart option is available at the top of the geographic selection page after choosing which front end to utilize (log into the database to explore the Cart).

Calculator (a future tool)

5.    Geospatial clustering (LoiczView applications)

Procedures -- step-by-step LV clustering recipe
Notes and guidelines -- for getting started in LV
Examples, Results, and Background Information
LV Developer's Page (B. A. Maxwell)
LV login page