SurfSeis© processes MASW data to produce shear wave velocity profiles applicable for both engineering and geophysical projects.
It incorporates a user-friendly interface that is simple and fast, yet quite flexible. You won't get lost in a myriad of options, menus, buttons, etc. Features a robust three-step processing flow with automatic or manual determination of key processing parameters. A full range of analysis routines is available to help fine-tune your processing flow.
Windows 9x and Windows NT 4 Workstation are the recommended operating systems, but others might work (i.e., Windows NT5/2000ME/2000), we just haven't tested them yet.


Release notice of SurfSeis 1.5 (May, 2003)

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Primary Choon B. Park
Co-Programmers Jianghai Xia, Julian Ivanov, and Brett Bennett

Project Oversight
Rick Miller

Manual Preparation and Project Support
Mary Brohammer

Graphic Design
Julia Shuklaper and Choon B. Park

Administrative Support
Kathy Sheldon

WinSeis© Seismic Processing Software is for use with Microsoft® Windows(tm). The characteristic mouse-driven architecture of Windows makes WinSeis an extremely user-friendly package, building on the reliability and accuracy of WinSeis 1.01 and Eavesdropper.

We are now shipping WinSeis Turbo.
Nov. 2001 version of PIE32.EXE available.

WinSeis Turbo (formerly known as WinSeis 1.5)
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WinSeis 1.01 (for Windows 3.1 or MS-DOS)
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Please visit our Updates and Downloads Page for information on updates and fixes.
KGS Open File Report 91-27--PDF file, 1.8 MB--Seismic-reflection Processing Demonstration Using Eavesdropper, by Richard D. Miller and Donald W. Steeples
Tutorial software and data file (in PK-ZIP archive)
Tutorial data only (in PK-ZIP archive)
Tutorial data only in 32-bit floating point format for use with Eavesdropper
Tutorial manual and WinSeis Turbo (or WinSeis Lite) software (in PK-ZIP archive)

Project Management
Rick Miller
Mary Brohammer

Brett Bennett
Choon-Byong Park
Jianghai Xia
Dao Somanas
Julian Ivanov

Logo Creation & Graphic Design
P. Acker et al.

Manual and Help File Authors
Rick Miller
Brett Bennett
Choon-Byong Park
Jianghai Xia

Manual Preparation and Administrative and Technical Support
Mary Brohammer
Kathy Sheldon
Mark Schlicting




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