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Kansas Geological Survey, Open-file Report 2004-30

MASW to Map Shear-Wave Velocity of Soil

Choon B. Park and Richard D. Miller

KGS Open-file Report 2004-30

Report to
Camp Dresser and McKee, Inc., Bellevue, Washington
May 2004


Two surveys using the multichannel analysis of surface waves method were conducted over a soil site in Tacoma Water's Green River Facility, Washington, at the proposed future site of a chemical treatment facility. The purpose of these surveys was to map shear-velocity (Vs) distribution before and after Deep Dynamic Compaction operations. It is generally accepted that soil stiffness is proportional to shear velocity. Soil at this site consisted of a very heterogeneous mixture of gravel and cobbles in a sand-and-silt matrix. Results from each survey are represented by 2-D Vs maps representative of soil characteristics below the surveyed lines. From each survey two Vs maps were produced: one map was constructed from dispersion curves analyzed subjectively, whereas a second map was constructed from the same dispersion curves analyzed objectively. The major difference was the use of automatic, computer-aided analysis for the objective analysis.

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Kansas Geological Survey, Geophysics
Placed online Feb. 10, 2006
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