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Photos from Aug. 2002--P0002617

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IVI minivib is a 13,000 lb center-articulated, 4-wheel drive seismic vibrator that will be the seismic source for the twelve 3-D surveys planned over the next six years across the portion of the Hall-Gurney oil field where CO2 is scheduled to be injected. Using a high-output servo valve this vibrator can deliver over 8,000 ft-lbs across most of the 20 to 250 Hz sweep spectrum designed to be imparted into the ground over a time period of about 10 seconds. With a little less than 3 psi of ground pressure the vibrator should not produce ground damage or compaction even in the wettest conditions possible at this site. This vibrator was used on a feasibility study conducted during August of 2002 at this site.

Kansas Geological Survey, 4-D Seismic Monitoring of CO2 Injection Project
Placed online June 20, 2003
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