Asphalt Core, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Author: Franek Hasiuk
Submitted by: Franek Hasiuk
Scanned with the MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner set on "Dark".
Render link: asphalt_core.stl

Here is a 4 inch diameter plug of asphalt cut that was found abandoned on the highway south of Bloomington, Indiana, USA. Samples like this are often taken for testing to see if the road meets specifications in terms of durabilitys. Aggregate is fine-grained limestone (probably Mississippian in age) and the cement is asphalt. I scanned this to see how if the model would differentiate between aggregate and cement based on color. It doesn't look like it did.

Image of original asphalt core specimen.

Image of asphalt core rendering.


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