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Parking lots for Lawrence Office under construction

The parking lot work discussed below is scheduled to begin on or about Monday, September 17 and should be completed in approximately 3 weeks.

DCM will construct a temporary single lane road/ramp in lot 211 beginning over the grass hill at west portion of the lower lot then through the southern half of the parking area and around to the SE accessible entrance of Hambleton Hall. Temporary Public and Delivery Access for the KGS facilities will be the SE door of Hambleton Hall.
The upper lot will be closed for the continuous period of 3 weeks. Both the upper lot and 2/3 of the lower lot will be closed for part of this time period. On some days there may not be parking at KGS.
State Vehicle Parking
KGS state vehicles will be moved to last row at the south end of the Park and Ride lot (near the playing fields). State vehicles will be picked up and returned to this location in the Park and Ride lot. Please do not use the metered spots.

info on parking lot construction

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Updated Sept. 13, 2012.
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