Introduction to Boast 3

The PC based Black Oil Applied Simulation Tool (Boast3) simulator is a free software package for reservoir simulation available from the U.S. Department of Energy URL Boast3 is an IMPES numerical simulator (finite-difference implicit pressure-explicit saturation) which finds the pressure distribution for a given time step first then calculates the saturation distribution for the same time step isothermal, 3D, three phase simulator

Boast3 is used for performing reservoir evaluation, designing solutions to petroleum engineering problems and describes multiphase flow in porous media. It assumes: 1) two phase liquid hydrocarbon system: (oil with gas in solution, free hydrocarbon gas), 2) no transfer of oil components from liquid to gas phase, 3) phase behavior is represented by Boi and GOR curves, 4) physical properties of fluids dependant on reservoir pressure. Boast3 is applicable to a large percentage of the world’s oil and gas reservoirs and can be used to simulate the oil and gas recovery under different scenarios.

Boast3 also allows:

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