Volumetric Study

Prior to the start of simulation, on a grid-by-grid basis, determine if reservoir parameters (effective porosity and net pay thickness - water saturation) support historical production.

Determine Grid Cell & Layer Requirements

Establish grid pattern that properly defines the reservoir by using any mapping or gridding software (Geographix used to generate the grids for this study)

Determination of Layers for Simulation

Number & size of grid cells in Z direction

Simulation designed as two layer model - a reservoir layer with an underlying aquifer layer. Z-dimension equals pay thickness (top of the reservoir to the OWC, average depth of OWC = -2145 ft subsea)

Layer 1 - Reservoir (gross/net pay thicknesses assumed to be equal)

Layer 2 - aquifer provides recharge to reservoir layer (aquifer thickness in Schaben Field approximately 100 feet)

Reservoir parameters

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