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McCauley, J.R., 1999, Geologic map of Wyandotte County, Kansas: Kansas Geological Survey, Map M-58, scale 1:50,000, 30 x 22 inches
Paper copies of the complete map (with stratigraphic column and legend info) are available from the Kansas Geological Survey, 1930 Constant Ave., Lawrence, KS 66047 (or phone 785-864-3965) and at 4150 W. Monroe St., Wichita, KS 67209-2640 (phone 316-943-2343). The cost is $15.00 plus handling and sales tax.

Jewett, J.M., and Newell, N.D., 1935, The geology of Wyandotte County, Kansas: Kansas Geological Survey, Bulletin 21, pt. 2, pp. 151-205 (out of print, available online)

Fishel, V.C., 1948, Ground-water resources of the Kansas City, Kansas, area, with analyses by H.A. Stoltenberg: Kansas Geological Survey, Bulletin 71, 109 p. (out of print, [available online] )

GIS Data

The Kansas Data Access and Support Center (DASC) has ArcInfo coverages available for this generalized geologic data.

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Updated April 1999
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