SE KS Field Trip—Additional Photos

Color photo of several people examining shaley slope

Field trip participants look for fossils in the Silver Lake Shale Member, exposed at the spillway at Eureka City Lake.

color photo of quarry floor with truck and backhoe

Micro-Lite Quarry, near Buffalo, in Woodson County. (Note: this quarry is private property.)

color photo of 20 or so people examining deposits on quarry floor

Participants get a closer look at the lamproite, a rare (in Kansas) igneous rock, which erupted to the surface at this site about 90 million years ago.

color photo of rock sample in someone's hands

Sample of lamproite, showing shiny flakes of mica.

color photo of roadcut, people, bus taken from across the road

The roadcut at Round Mound.

color photo of people spread out across sloping face of outcrop looking for fossils

Participants look for fossils in the shale and thin limestones of the Kanwaka Shale, exposed at the roadcut at Round Mound.

close-up color photo of several people looking for fossils

Looking for fossils at Round Mound, in Greenwood County.

close-up color photo of children on outcrop

Looking for more fossils at Round Mound.

Field trip highlights.

Guidebooks – Geology of South-central Kansas Field Trip is available online and as Kansas Geological Survey, Open-file Report 2001-41, from KGS Publications Sales office, 785-864-3965.

Unless noted otherwise, field trip photographs by Bob Sawin or Liz Brosius, Kansas Geological Survey.

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