NE KS Field Trip—Additional Photos

color photo of particpants standing on grassy slope, taken from above

Survey geologist Dave Newell talks to participants about the limestone and shale layers exposed at the Clinton Lake spillway, Douglas County.

color photo of participants with backs to camera looking at sandstone cliff

At Echo Cliff, Wabaunsee County, Survey geologist Bob Sawin describes the ancient river channel deposits that formed the dramatic sandstone cliff.

another color photo of participants with backs to camera looking at sandstone cliff

The sandstone deposits at Echo Cliff exhibit large-scale crossbedding, a geologic feature in which a series of thin layers are inclined at a distinct angle to the the typically horizontal bedding surface.

color photo of several people on ledge of sandstone bluff

Participants get a closer look at the sandstone deposits at Echo Cliff.

color photo of participants listening to speaker with outcrop and highway overpass in background

At a roadcut in Shawnee County, participants listen to KU geology professor Roger Kaesler talk about the ancient marine environment that was home to the creatures who left behind such well-preserved fossils.

color photo participant looking for fossil in thick shale outcrop another color photo of people collecting fossils color photo of field trip participants collecting along ledge, taken from a distance

Participants found lots of fossils at this roadcut near the junction of K-4 and U.S. 24.

Field trip highlights.

Guidebooks – Geology of Northeastern Kansas Field Trip Guidebook is available online and as Kansas Geological Survey, Open-file Report 2000-55, from KGS Publications Sales office, 785-864-3965.

Unless noted otherwise, field trip photographs by Bob Sawin or Liz Brosius, Kansas Geological Survey.

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