Places to Visit—Butcher Falls

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color photo of creek falling over sandstone ledge into pool
small drawing of Kansas map with Chautauqua County highlighted in red

Places to Visit—Chautauqua County, Kansas

Butcher Falls is a scenic, serene spot northwest of Sedan in Chautauqua County. Here, water from Middle Caney Creek drops about 10 feet over rounded knobs of the Plattsmouth Limestone Member of the Oread Limestone. Butcher Falls is on the Red Buffalo Ranch, a 9,000-acre spread owned by broadcaster and Kansas native Bill Kurtis. The ranch features hiking trails, wagon rides, and a rock sculpture by Lawrence artist Stan Herd. For more information, go to To get to Butcher Falls, drive about 1 mile northwest from Sedan on Kansas Highway 99, then turn west on the county road, which winds west and north about 2.2 miles and crosses Middle Caney Creek. Continue west for another half-mile. Butcher Falls is north of the road, the way marked by a trail. (from The Geologic Record, vol. 9.3).

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