Places to Visit—Mount Sunflower

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color photo of two men standing in flat landscape next to dead tree and folk art display featuring sunflower sculpture of rusty iron
small drawing of Kansas map with Wallace County highlighted in red

Wallace County, Kansas

At 4,039 feet above sea level, Mount Sunflower is the highest point in Kansas. Located in Wallace County, just east of the Kansas-Colorado border, Mount Sunflower is more than 3,300 feet above the state's topographic low point in Montgomery County in southeastern Kansas. Much of Mount Sunflower's elevation is due to the uplift of the Rocky Mountains to the west. Mount Sunflower is on private property, but the landowners generally accommodate visitors who want to conquer its lofty summit and gaze at a typical High Plains, shortgrass prairie landscape. To reach Mt. Sunflower, take Kansas Highway 27 south from Goodland or north from Sharon Springs. Turn west on BB Road for 12 miles, south on 6 Road for 4 miles, west on X Road for 3 miles, 1 mile south on 3 Road, then 1.1 west. Finally, turn north about 0.3 mile to Mount Sunflower. Or, from the town of Kanorado, go 22 miles south on 3 Road, then 1.1 west and 0.3 north (from The Geologic Record, vol. 8.1).

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