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color photo of stone house with stone fenceposts strung with barbed wire in the foreground
small drawing of Kansas map with Russell County highlighted in red

Russell County, Kansas

In north-central Kansas, fenceposts made of limestone dot the landscape. Split from a layer in the Greenhorn Limestone formation called the Fencepost limestone, stone posts were used by settlers on a treeless prairie beginning about 1880. The Fencepost limestone was also quarried for building stone for numerous churches, business buildings, courthouses (Ellis, Jewell, Lincoln, Mitchell, Osborne, and Russell counties), barns, and homes.

This abandoned house near Bunker Hill used Fencepost limestone for the foundation, porch, lintels, and sills (the lighter colored stone). Other limestone layers in the Greenhorn were used for the walls. A stone fencepost is in the foreground. To see this house, outcrops of the Greenhorn Limestone, and the red sandstones of the Dakota Formation, take the scenic backroad from Bunker Hill to Wilson Lake Dam. From I-70 take the Bunker Hill exit (exit 193) two miles north, and then turn east on Anspaugh Road. Travel Anspaugh Road about four miles in a northeasterly direction until it intersects Shoreline Road (called South Shore Drive on some maps). Follow Shoreline Road to its intersection with Kansas Highway 232 just two miles south of the dam, or about five miles north of the Wilson exit on I-70 (exit 206) (from The Geologic Record, vol. 5.1).

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